A treasure chest for our wines

In the new gravity-fed winery, everything has been designed to preserve the grapes’ aromas without any pumping whatsoever. Pédesclaux’s 21st-century buildings boast technological prowess and are also a work of architecture in their own right.

How do you showcase a 19th-century cru? By giving it a 21st-century winery, according to architect Jean-Michel Wilmotte. Its construction, completed in 2014, followed work on the vines beginning in 2009.At the same time, the chateau’s facade was extended with two large glazed extensions housing a tasting room and offices, enjoying a view of the river.

Pumps are not used at any time, from the grapes’ arrival in the winery to bottling. Gravity is used for transfer thanks to the natural slope of the land and the availability of four elevator vats.

Cold storage rooms were created for two purposes. Firstly, they lower the internal temperature of the grapes for pre-fermentation maceration. Cold promotes the dissemination of colour and aromas within the must, and enables extraction to be begun as gently as possible.

Secondly, they serve as a buffer for crate supply flows: grape pickers and sorters can work at their own pace without being impeded. This ensures optimum organisation of the winery.

The 58 double-compartment cone tanks are perfect for plot-by-plot vinification, and enrich the range of flavours and expressions when the blend is constructed. This is all the more important since Pédesclaux owns a wide variety of terroirs across the entire appellation.